Benefits of Ancestry DNA Testing

Finding Relatives

f you’re working on a family tree or want to learn more about older ancestors, ancestry DNA testing is a great option. There are, of course, some limitations to the testing. For example, there are multiple types of tests and some can only be used by males. Others work for both males and females. Depending on which type you use, you can trace parents’ surnames through history. This can help you find distant relatives through vast online ancestry databases.

Unlike smaller laboratories, we offer 5 different types of DNA Ancestry Test. 1. DNA Ancestry Face Match™ Testing (both Males & Females can do this) 2. DNA Origins (both Males & Females can do this) 3. Paternal Lineage (only Males can do this test) 4. Maternal Lineage (both Males & Females can do this) 5. Dual Lineage (only Males can do this test

Every hear your Grandparents talking:

Another useful and interesting benefit of ancestry DNA testing is its geographic features. Have your grandparents always talked about how they migrated from Germany, Ireland or other regions? Ancestry DNA testing can give you an idea of what regions your ancestors came from. To do this, your DNA is compared to others from all over the world. This can show you a better idea of where your family came from.

Easy And Affordable

With advances in technology and growing interest in genealogy, ancestry DNA testing has become easier and more affordable than ever. A simple to use test kit can help you and your family discover all sorts of information. For the history buff in your family, ancestry DNA testing can be a great gift. You’ll get more results with the more cousins who do the test, but parents and siblings can help too. If you would like to learn more about our simple and affordable ancestry DNA testing options, call 866-799-5126! Learn more about your family history and yourself with this unique test.